Out with the old and in with the new! The snow has finally melted and the blackened piles of ice and crud are a thing of the past so it’s no wonder it feels like we’re all getting a second lease on life. Everything seems to be starting fresh and this is a great time to kick your old crap to the curb. New Year’s Resolutions should really be made during this time of year because everything seems full of promise and renewal – besides, who really wants to clean out their basement in the middle of winter? Now is the time to begin anew and there are many ways to do it!

To really get the full spring cleaning experience, you must be willing to purge with all of the useless stuff that’s been lying around. You can start with the refrigerator and toss everything that’s expired, mysterious or just plain smells funky. Once you’re in the throwing out groove, move on to your cabinets and closets where you should be able to find a few items that are also past their prime. You may want to hold onto your favorite New Kids on the Block shirt but those faded floral leggings and the jeans with the rip in the crotch are probably good to go. Unless you want to recycle the jeans and use them in the bedroom, in which case go for it! You should also toss those clothes that just no longer fit because if you’ve been holding onto an entire “skinny” wardrobe for any longer than a year, it may be time to accept your new body size. You can always keep a few staple pieces to perhaps inspire you to get your ass back to the gym but otherwise those clothes in your closet are just taking up valuable space that can be used for newer, better-fitting clothing.

If you’re really in the mood to overhaul your life and get rid of all of the stuff that’s been weighing you down or holding you back, you may also want to take a look at your relationship. Sometimes we stick with things that aren’t any good for us just because we feel safe and comfortable and that can be a bad habit to get into. Maybe the fact that you’re daydreaming more about the hard bodies you’ll soon be seeing at the beach instead of thinking about the supposed love of your life is finally starting to bother you. If you feel like your significant other just isn’t so significant anymore, cut the cord and set yourself free. There are those relationships that can weather any season but if you don’t think yours is one of them then you should do something about it. Then think about treating yourself to a nice spring fling!

This really is the best time of the year to get rid of all of your unwanted things, because soon it’ll be summer and you won’t want to spend one more second indoors than you absolutely have to. So load up all your crap and find the nearest Goodwill to drop it all off. You might not find a new love interest there but you could possibly find another NKOTB shirt to keep you warm at night.

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Author: Paige Turner


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