There comes a time in almost every young woman’s life when she realizes that she’s getting too old to drink crappy alcohol. While it is true that most of us don’t reach this conclusion until our body refuses to easily bounce back after spending nights binging on cheap boxed wine, it’s also true that this hopefully happens at an age where we’re able to afford a better type of booze. It’s perfectly understandable for college kids and cash strapped grads to pre-game with 40’s before going out to the bars to take advantage of penny Natty Lights but as our bodies get older and our paychecks (hopefully) get bigger, it becomes worth it to spend just a bit more on a better drinking experience. A real woman (and yes, a real man) will be able to occasionally take advantage of cheap happy hours while also enjoying the finer drinks that life has to offer.

Wine that comes packaged in large jugs or boxes may seem tempting but that stuff is often so packed full of sugar that your teeth feel like they’re going to fall out by the end of the night. While being able to appreciate wine doesn’t necessarily mean only drinking bottles worth hundreds of dollars that you’re unable to pronounce, it does mean being able to choose between a white or red instead of just opting for purple. The same can be said for liquor; top shelf spirits are fine and dandy but really, so long as you’re not pounding something that was fermented in someone’s backyard you’ll probably be okay. For example, Kamchatka is about as close to legally sold moonshine as you’re likely to get. There’s obviously some gray area in between what’s so awful you wouldn’t use it in a Jungle Juice concoction and what’s only brought out for bottle service, so it’s okay if you take some time to experiment and find what’s best for both your wallet and your mouth.

However, there’s not as much gray area when it comes to beer. You’ve either got a macrobrew or a microbrew and there’s a world of difference between them. While beer is often considered more of a man’s drink than a woman’s, anyone with taste buds will be able to appreciate the difference in complex craft beers compared to their lighter, massed produced counterparts. Which isn’t to say macrobrews are all bad – they’re often cheaper, go down a little quicker and aren’t as filling so they have their perks, too. But there’s something about a good craft beer that’s extremely satisfying and somehow sexy. And that can’t always be said of beers that come in buckets and are turned green for certain holidays.

Obviously, not many women want to grow hair on their chest so steering clear of the cheapest of the cheap is something we all tend to do as we get a little older. And since everyone’s taste buds mature as we age, it only makes sense that we begin to appreciate beverages that we may have scoffed at in our younger years. Growing up is all about trying new things and that fancy sounding wine or funny smelling beer will definitely fit the bill. That said, if you’ve somehow never had Kamchatka, don’t start now.

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Author: Paige Turner


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