Hop heads, beer snobs and draft freaks rejoice! Exceptional craft beer in mass quantities is upon you. Fancy an IPA or a strong pilsner with bite? Looking for a one glass kick in the ass? Want to stand around chattering about the finer points of fruit slices inside a glass of beer as you ogle pretty promotional girls passing out free samples of the newest lager?
Yes, barley nerds, a monstrous beer drinking event for the most dedicated champions of taste is happening in your backyard. The South Bend Brewfest is going down January 11th for it’s third year at the Century Center and drinks will be flowing. For $35, participants get a chance to spend an afternoon discussing the finer points of beer nerdery while taking down pints of the best stuff around.
Small batch and high end brewing have become a thing over the last few years, and while whiskey and wine snobs have been swishing their hooch of choice around in fancy glasses, the beer lover was resigned to the shadows as they clutched a brown bottle, wishing for something more. Those dark days a long a thing of the past, and now local breweries are springing up everywhere. No matter where you go, a new local brewery is testing their hand at trying to create the next best, greatest local beer.  30 local breweries have stepped up to the plate, providing 125 different kinds of beer for revelers to give a test run.
The event runs from 1-4PM and will feature some workshops on homebrewing, and a lot of casual drinking. They’re be an auction, and some more drinking. I’m not sure how they’re come up with new fangled 2014 beer, but you know someone is about to pop open a bottle that tastes like angel wings and heaven.
There’s a sweet $10 ticket if you’re the sucker who pulled the last straw and is the designated driver. The Brewfest even provides free water and soda for the sober one in the pack. See, that’s nice of them. Remember that whole 125 different types of beer? That’s your Everest folks, climb that mountain; be that guy. And by being that guy, you’ll need a homie to keep you from the morgue, or jail. Be a pal and spot someone the $10 and let the good times roll.
And hey, you even get a slick new beer mug to show off to your friends who’re happy buying a brick of PBR; you now have an official chalice as you judge them high atop the bloated liver you earned the good old fashioned way: hard drinking.




South Bend Brewfest

Century Center

$35 Adv/ $10 for Designated Drivers

Tickets Available at the Morris Box Office



For more info call:  574-235-9711

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Author: Robert Dean


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