One of the most important things we can do as humans is take care of our own.

The world is a scary place that’s constantly in turmoil. Frightening things happen almost every day, just flip open a history book.  We’re a culture of depravity and madness - its nothing more than the way we’re programmed as a species. For all of the goodness that we elicit, there is always someone in the shadows lurking to do something bad, and when someone willingly chooses to fight that evil, there’s a sense of dignity coupled with that choice. We’re a barroom, back yard and a big idea kind of people.

We love to muse on topics that we may be completely uninformed about, but what we’re amazing at is having an opinion. People love to consider and debunk, cherish and false flag. We see images everywhere of things hard to grasp, and it’s our choice to confront them, or simply ignore them.

 A soldier chooses to confront the topics that frighten us, the things that bewilder. A soldier stands in front of bullets to protect the people of his town, his city or his country. A soldier is a person who no matter what hardships will stick it out when her world collapses around her, but hope is the only thing left.  A war zone is not a friendly place. It's a place of distress, agony and a place that will challenge every human emotion known to man. This is a place no human deserves to be. But upon return to the States, the America a soldier just fought to protect can become a very unforgiving terrain.

Veteran Beer Company is a company looking to make a change. The culture soldiers face when they come home is tough. They may not be getting spit on like the men who came home from Vietnam, but the doors certainly aren’t as open as they should be. Given the harsh realities of the national landscape, it’s easy to see why people are put in the crosshairs of a larger agenda. But, ultimately, that culture needs to change; we’re leaving our own to fend for themselves. 

Founded in Chicago, Veteran Beer is a brand with a purpose and a drive. Sick of seeing the veterans of America without options for work, Veteran Beer was founded with one goal in mind: employ veterans and veterans only. 

This isn’t about twisted capitalism, it’s about putting people to work – The promise of Veteran Beer is to get American veterans working, and inform the people about the trouble veterans face when they return home.

The average unemployment rate of soldiers is sky high, and for disabled vets, it’s even higher - near 88%. Those kinds of numbers are heartbreaking. The Veteran Beer Company’s modus operandi is simple: craft and sell a tasty beer, but do so by employing the very people who’ve made that beer possible. It’s a pretty straightforward company culture: brew quality beer and use only American products.

When a soldier comes home from a war they should be welcomed with open arms. No matter what side of the political landscape you fall on, it’s not fair to judge someone on the reason of why they joined the armed services. What’s important is to support the people that come home in any way possible, and by doing so, we’re making people who sacrificed so much for us feel as welcome as they deserve.

If the brand grows, the plan is to move beyond the borders of the Midwest and expand nationally. There’s a line of respect that we can all agree on, and supporting someone who’s seen hell and back isn’t pandering to cheap political leanings, it’s your due diligence to humanity. 

Veteran Beer has two flavors currently, The Veteran and The Blonde Bomber - each a variation on classic beer styles: the blonde ale and the lager. Their website provides us with a bit of a glance into the two flavors. 


With the Blonde Bomber American Blonde Ale, they created a beer that’s beautiful to look at in a clear glass.  Its blonde coloration (SRM 3-5) and satisfying mouth feel are backed by a light hop aroma and a medium dry to somewhat sweet taste depending on the food accompaniment.  Like The Veteran, The Blonde Bomber is an easy-to-drink session beer with 5.0% alcohol by volume, a true craft beer created for drinkers that love a beer with a gentle flavor profile and a pleasing texture.  Its small, primrose-colored bubbles communicate the true nature of the beer both in the glass and on the palate.


The Veteran Amber Lager is immediately recognizable for the rich color (SRM 10-15) that appropriately conveys its medium-body.  With a 5.0% alcohol by volume, The Veteran is an easy-drinking, session beer that can satisfy even the most discerning drinker again and again without being too filling.  This beer communicates its handcrafted roots with an aroma that reveals a pleasant, subtle, malty quality that corresponds to the taste on the palate.  With IBUs in the 20-26 range, the beer naturally pairs well with a wide variety of foods.



The stuff they’re brewing isn’t swill; it’s actually a high quality craft beer that by taste alone could rival the big boys in the game, all agenda aside.

Help lend a sense of worth to some people who need it when they’re out of options. No one should be a number. Ask your local bar or liquor store to carry Veteran Beer. Not just because you like to get drunk, but because it’s an easy way to pay back the men and women who were out there - in the middle of hell so you could wake up hung over next to that girl who looks like a wolf and smells like string cheese.


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Author: Robert Dean


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