Unfortunately, most of us will never know what it’s like to be rich and famous. Trashy celebrity magazines, tell-all books and shows like TMZ are the closest thing we get to a glimpse of that fabulous lifestyle, at least until awards season rolls around. The first few months of every new year provide us with all kinds of ceremonies filled with glitz, glamour and gowns, which can sometimes make those of us with jobs off the silver screen all the more aware of our own lackluster lives. We can all live vicariously through those we see in the movies and on TV, tough, and when they’re all fighting for the same small statues it’s fun to do just that. Plus, we can watch it all go down with no pants and a giant bag of Cheetos, which is something that some of those celebrities only wish they could do!

To be fair, everyone who watches or attends the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Golden Globes or the Oscars knows how absurd they all are. To those of us watching at home, knowing all the attendees received complimentary gift bags with swag worth more than our first car definitely shows what kind of people we’re dealing with. However, those glamorous men and women are the closest thing we have to American royalty (besides Beyonce and Jay-Z, of course) so they can get away with that kind of thing. They understand how crazy it all is too, especially with the advent of things such as mani and shoe cams. For those not in the know, those are special cameras set up to show off the star’s manicures or fancy footwear, because spending a significant amount of time on their dresses and hair was no longer ridiculous enough. Personally, I’d be worried those cameras would sneak a peek up my dress or catch me flipping the bird, but I’m sure there are celebrities out there who would just take that type of situation and spin it into PR gold. Thongs and middle fingers were made for those types of appearances, just ask Britney Spears or Jennifer Lawrence!

Speaking of Jennifer Lawrence, awards shows are almost like NASCAR races in that every wants to see someone mess up, break down or take a tumble. Luckily stars are human beings and each awards show provides a little such entertainment for those of us who merely watch. Of course, causing a scene is something actors live for so there’s no telling what’s actually happening and what’s been staged as a big act. It’s all in the name of entertainment though so in the end it doesn’t really matter.

What also doesn’t matter is whether or not we tune in. Sure, if ratings were abysmal they would probably do something crazy to attract more viewers (maybe a make-out session between Amy Pohler and Tina Fey?) but ultimately, awards shows are an excuse for starts to sit around and show off for one another. The only reason they invite us to watch is to keep us buying those movie tickets and paying that cable subscription. After all, if they really wanted to cater to viewers they would have a naked Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson host the show!

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Author: Paige Turner


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