Oh, what a year for pop culture 2013 was. It seemed like every time you turned around there was a new headline demanding our attention and moral outrage, or shock and awe. Even if you wanted to stay away from celebrity news, it’s basically impossible unless you stay off the internet, quit watching TV and avoid the check-out lanes at almost every grocery store out there. Be warned, if you’re looking to steer clear of celeb news this isn’t the best place to be either because I’m about to do a rehash of all the break-ups, crack-ups, scandals, babies and more!

In a world where Miley and Liam, Kristen and Robert, Miranda and Orlando, the Jonas Brothers and Britney and whatever the dude she was engaged to was named all split up, it seemed like no love is safe. Of course infidelity, jealousy, foam fingers and maybe even old age all could have contributed to these break-ups and the fact that their love lives were on display for all to see probably didn’t help either. It’s got to be hard to have a relationship in the public eye and some people have spent decades trying to make it work – take George Clooney, for example. The man had yet another well publicized break up last year from yet another younger, gorgeous super model. Clearly he lives a difficult, cursed life. It seems like he finds himself in this situation quite often, much like two other celebrities who had Groundhog Day-like years. That would be Chris Brown and Lindsay Lohan, both of whom faced legal troubles and rehab during the last twelve months. Only time will tell if they’ll be doing instant replays of these issues again in 2014.

Someone else who faced some issues this past year was Paula Deen, who got in a world of politically-incorrect trouble. Her big mouth may come in handy on her cooking show but after her racist remarks it’s likely that one of her resolutions for the New Year is to learn to keep that trap closed more often. Others who got themselves into hot water last year include Justin Beiber (who’s act of making water into a mop bucket in the kitchen of a restaurant caused some outrage) and Lauryn Hill (remember her?) who served time for tax evasion. At least Beiber and Hill will have some new material for singing the blues.

This past year also gave us some famous babies, from the new Prince of England (George, son of William) to the new Princess of Pop Culture (North, daughter of Kimye). And if the Prince and Princess weren’t enough, we got a new Pope who has become one of the most controversial leaders the Catholic Church has ever seen. Atheists applaud him, hardcore religious zealots fear him and if there’s one thing for certain it’s that he’s got the best PR team the Vatican has ever seen!

Clearly, 2013 was quite the year. There was plenty to keep us entertained and as long as there are famous people living lives that most of us can only dream about, there will be plenty of entertainment for years to come. And if everything else fails, we’ll at least have a new generation of Kardashians to follow!   

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Author: Paige Turner


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