It’s January, everyone’s favorite time of year to make promises to themselves, and when people LOVE to invest in false mantras. January 1st has become this symbol of self-improvement – a self-promise that she’ll finally leave that toxic guy, or he’ll work harder to make more money. We bargain ourselves the moon that this year is going to be the year of Major Change.
Gym memberships skyrocket, while people walk past Micky D’s with their nose in the air – because this is the year they’re going to kick all bad food, and lose that beer gut. We’re full of hope in January that we can finally turn this thing around. When we were kids we figured every adult had it all figured out that mom and dad knew what they were doing. Being an adult is going to be awesome we thought! Well, we’ve learned a little since then. Scars last, and life is complex – we’ve learned to lean on January fresh starts as a beacon to cling to when we’re looking to change and reinvent.
We all know what happens next. Old habits creep back in,and life gets in the way; things happen; life never stops and will always find a way to throw a wrench in your gears. That Big Mac and lazy Sunday seem a lot better than carrots and a trip to the gym when it’s cold outside. What exactly are you shaping up for? Them or you?
Plainly put, New Years Resolutions are garbage, and waste of time. But what if we challenged ourselves in a different way, and still made a resolution, but one we could keep?
What if, we worked harder at becoming different without bowing to societal pressures of beauty, wealth and status? What if we reinvented ourselves internally this January?
What I’m proposing is not that you don’t do these things if they make you feel better, but let’s make a change: let’s take better care of one another. Let’s break down the walls that we hide behind, and let’s find new things to champion. Let’s grow as a community, and let's find ways to make our world better with simple actions.
We’ve learned a lot about our families and friends politics over the last few years. We’ve learned a lot about the world we live in thanks to the ease of the Internet. We see our world in a way like we never have. We have the ability to change the system, to break trends, or foster love with the click of a button, or the swipe of your finger if you choose to educate yourself when an article piques your interest.
Let’s find the time to support one another. Quit hiding behind ancient knowledge, get out there and meet new friends, discover the man you walk past in disgust. We can make a change we can start by embracing one another. Liberals and Conservatives need to sit down for a beer and just talk – hear one another out – likely what you both want isn’t too far off. Chances are they sold you upriver, and you forget what was important.
We need to find the time to champion our community, to support the small businesses. Stopping into that new little store makes a difference, as does taking the time to actually listen to a friend in need instead of talking about yourself.
We can do so much if we stop piling on the layers of what we see on television, and assume it’s right. We’re programmed better than that. If we want to champion something that’s sustainable this January, let’s start with ourselves. We can make small changes of openness, solidarity, and acceptance if we start at home. All it takes is a smile and an open mind, and willingness to start.
Here’s to a fantastic 2014 – make it the best one yet.

About The Author
Author: Robert Dean


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