How do you make the world a better place? Everyone has a different idea on what a better world looks like and the road to get there. Some believe betterment comes from simple acts of compassion. Others fantasize about a hero who gains supernatural powers from a genetically modified animal.

Truly, making the world “better” is all about perspective – actions don’t necessarily need to be dramatic or global to count as making a difference. Your world is taken from the context of who you are and what you do.

For local musicians, our realm is objectively based on our environment. The people with which we collaborate, the events we attend, and the venues around town are all a major components to this level of musicianship. A synergy is derived from these elements that affects us in ways from simply satisfying the need to jam with others, to inspiring some to take their efforts to the next level.

McCormick’s is one of a few spots around the South Bend area that hosts a weekly open mic as well as a few shows a month. Various people and bands have undertaken the endeavor of running the shows over the years. For a little over a year now, this responsibility has fallen on Mikey Trix who runs sound for various shows, hosts Monday night karaoke and the Tuesday night jam.

Mikey, who has been a part of various local and national musical acts like Stay Golden, Blameshift and most recently Poison Trixie, joined a team of people passionate about music to help make the stage a reality.

“The crowd, the musicians, the staff – they’re all awesome. We’ve been talking about making this place better but none of us have the finances to make it happen on our own. So we took the interwebz and launched an Indiegogo campaign,” said Mikey.

And so our team came together like a more rowdy version of the Justice League. Vincenzo “Vinnie” Carrasco, a veteran of the local scene, is a regular at these events and joined our forces with very little persuasion. Thankfully, he was able to convince a friend by the name of Robert “Boyle” Wright to build the stage.

If the appropriate funding is acquired, the stage will consist of 4 different pieces and an elevated 5th section for the drum kit. This gives the stage mobility, allowing the stage to be moved to other regions such as outside the bar. Additional funding will be allocated to new equipment like monitors, an upgraded PA, cables, amps and more.

Building a stage at a dive bar may not seem to be a world saving task, yet this small effort will have a positive effect for the local music scene. In some respect, both established musicians and newcomers are like booze fueled heroes. These champions of sound and mild debauchery deserve better equipment for their not so secret lair.

Remember how The Beatles brought down the Soviet Union? It’s very similar – we’re not exactly tearing down the walls of communism but we are impacting lives. Music is a powerful tool – in the very least, people who play tunes at McCormick’s touch others from a few hours a week (i.e. “good touch” not “bad touch.”)

You can help fund this project by visiting Contributions can be as small as $1 but if you contribute at least $5, your name will be etched into “something” signifying you helped make the stage a reality. Rock on.

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